EE167 - Data Compression

Spring Term 2006-2007

In Brief

Class meetings: are over.


Dr. Sam Dolinar
Dr. Aaron Kiely

Electronic Mail: construct the email address using the following magic formula: Firstname.Lastname at the domain


Introduction to Data Compression (3rd edition), Khalid Sayood

The course followed the general outline of this book. However, you were also responsible for the material presented during class lectures. A subset of lecture material was be available as handouts.

Teaching Assistant

Rizk Saade

Electronic Mail: &ensp send to firstname at the domain


Shirley Beatty, Caltech office and phone: Moore 162, ext 4715
Graded final exams will be available from Shirley.
Electronic Mail: &ensp send to firstname at the domain

Grading Policy

Grades were be based on homework and midterm and final exams, counting in three equal proportions. If one of these components stood out from the other two, we recomputed an individual student's grade (without impacting any other student's grade) by tilting the weights slightly in that student's favor (e.g., 3:2:2 to accentuate one good component or 3:3:2 to discount one bad component).

Collaboration Policy

Collaboration was permitted on the homeworks but not on the exams...

Late Work Policy

Homework was due at the beginning of class on the day it was due. Late homeworks were not be accepted after solutions are available. Before solutions are published, late homeworks were penalized at the rate of 10% per day late.

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